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How can protein supplements help in our confinement?


How can protein supplements help in our confinement?

These days of confinement, we may be continually tempted to “visit” the fridge. Many of us  have to be in small spaces all  day and with little space for movement.

Thus, we spend more time than normal sitting and with reduced movements.
It is about trying to stay active in some creative way, walking on the terrace, garden or hallway, watching  videos or tutorials with exercises, different practice classes or  doing some kind of exercise table by ourselves.

To stay healthy inside we have to continue taking care of our diet with a healthy and varied diet. By reducing our physical activity it is recommended to reduce the intake of calories but not nutrients.
Our products are precisely a good help for their high amount of nutrients.


We recommend these days to take our protein supplements. These, with a high protein content, will serve to complement light meals based on fruits or vegetables. They contain a very low degree of carbohydrates, which is precisely, in addition to fats, what we have to control these days. Its high protein content allows non-vegans to eat less animal protein, richer in fat.

Furthermore, it has a satiating effect. If you mix it with a vegetable drink, with a significant contribution of carbohydrates, you will have a breakfast, a snack or a snack that can avoid visits to the fridge or a large lunch or dinner. Take it alone or combined with a varied salad, vegetable dish … and you will have a complete meal.

Twenty grams of our protein blend is a contribution of around 15g of protein, the equivalent of two eggs.


  • 1.5 tablespoons in a large glass of water or vegetable drink.
  • You can also make an excellent smoothie by mixing it with banana, for example, or with other products such as Andean maca, lucuma or baobab.

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