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Ginseng had a boom in the West countries back in the 90s and is today one of the most common medicinal herbs used for its recognized properties. In Chinese medicine it has been used since time immemorial for its ability to restore strength to vital organs, calm the spirit and anxiety, develop intelligence and regulate vital energy.

There are several types of ginseng but the best known and most widely used is Panax ginseng.


Ginseng contains active principles called gingenosides (triterpenoid glycosides) that are only found in this plant. Gingenosides are responsible for the benefits attributed to ginseng.


  • Increases energy: Ginseng is recognized for its ability to reduce tiredness and combat fatigue. For example, taking ginseng is recommended to prevent cases of fatigue * and to stimulate energy, it has even been shown to stimulate physical endurance in cases of overexertion. It is mainly thanks to the antioxidant qualities of ginseng that we reduce oxidative stress and thereby promote greater resistance to fatigue. In addition, other factors such as the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism intervene to give ginseng this quality.
  • Stimulates the cognitive system: Ginseng can help improve cognitive processes and memory and make it a good ally in times of intellectual demand.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: Thanks to gingenosides, ginseng is also used for its effects that help reduce inflammation.
  • Reduces blood sugar levels: Thanks to this, ginseng can be an ally to help fight diabetes since gingenosides can act on the production of insulin.


  • PREWORKOUT: Product from the organic sports nutrition range to take before exercise that should best prepare our body for intense physical effort. With ingredients that provide it with a high carbohydrate content and also with the aim of activating the body and increasing attention and concentration.
  • SMART CACAO: Cognitive cocoa conceived to take during stages of intense intellectual work such as exams or simply to help our cognitive system. Especially suitable for people over 50 years old! It was also shown that combined with Ginkgo Biloba the effects are enhanced. Smart Cacao combines these two ingredients among others.
  • POWER CACAO: Energy cocoa to start the day with energy. A good substitute for coffee because it also contains guarana extract and dose of caffeine in it!

*Clinical and Preclinical Systematic Review of Panax ginseng C. A. Mey and Its Compounds for Fatigue
(Ting-Yu Jin, Pei-Qing Rong, Hai-Yong Liang, Pei-Pei Zhang, Guo-Qing Zheng, and Yan Lin)

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