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“Passione per la natura, sia mare o montagna, per lo sport, per la fatica.. che insieme è ancora più bella!!”

I am Susak Molinero, I was born in Barcelona and I am 31 years old, I currently live in Italy, in Tuscany. For many years I competed in swimming, I am currently a Stand Up Paddle Race athlete.

Last season has been quite good for me, finishing 3rd in the ranking of the 2019 Eurotour circuit. Last year I won the silver medal at the ICF supworld championship that was played in China, and gold medal in the World Champion Relay Race in the ISA World Championship that was played in El Salvador.
When and how and why did you start with this?
In 2011 I went to live in Veneto, Italy, for work, I am a physiotherapist, there I met the SUP with a group of friends and started doing amateur careers. In 2013, with help of a small sponsor, I started to compete more and travel to some international career.
At the end of 2015 I entered @rrdinternational and I have been competing and traveling internationally for several years from now, always maintaining the top 15 of the world ranking during these last seasons.

How many hours do you spend a week and how do you combine it with your family and / or work?
It depends a lot on the time of the year, the biggest workload is during the winter where I train practically every day with many double sessions, during the period of competitions it is very important to rest before and after the races and trainings. So there are usually shorter. The hard work of the months of preparation already gives me a good basis for resistance.

In 2016,  with my partner and teammate Paolo Marconi, we opened a SUP @supsalivoli school in Italy, where we combined activities with training and travel to compete. We also do all the annual logistics planning of the events where we will participate.

Do you follow some feeding criteria, omnivorous, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan? what do you think of all this? Do you rely on a sports nutrition professional?
I just don’t eat meat, it’s been about 3 years ago, I’ve never been passionate. But I don’t need it in my life. I don’t agree how most producers treat animals that live sad and locked lives, not to mention the large number of methane emissions that pollute the atmosphere. During these years I have learned a lot from Dr. Jacopo Querci who has taught me about nutrition and followed in many trainings.

How important is food for you? Do you follow some guidelines? How do you plan? Is there a difference between training time, before, during or after the tests?
For me, food is very important, we are what we eat. I do not follow specific guidelines, I simply try to eat healthy a lot of fruit, vegetables, legumes, seeds, … giving me all the energy I need. With the cold in winter we burn more, which is why perhaps I eat more carbohydrates, and before and after the races I usually have my routines but they do not vary much to my daily food.

As an athlete, we understand you consume a% higher protein than a “sedentary” person, could we know your sources? Do you consume the classic protein shakes?
Legumes, seeds of all kinds, peanuts, almonds, oats, soy, quinoa, lentils, Greek yogurt, eggs, some fish and complement with Hemp Protein, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, … and now also VeganProtein, all superfoods of Glorioso Super Nutrients.

What is your main criteria or criteria to choose a brand or another. Recommendation from a colleague? from a nutrition professional? your own criteria? Are the ingredients of these relevant to you, do you usually read the labels?
Well, it’s natural is one of the things that matter most to me, that’s why when I met you through Natura, I became interested immediately. I always read the labels of everything, in addition it is incredible the amount of unnecessary sugar that they put to many industrialized foods.

Do you practice abroad, in nature? What does it give you? Do you prefer the gym?
I am lucky to practice a sport in which I am always in touch with nature, I love being outdoors, it gives me great strength, feeling the energy of the sun, the fauna and flora, the power of the wind, the sea Bravo. I complete my workouts running, swimming in summer, and at home we have an area where we do physical.

Do you perceive a greater awareness for respecting the environment?
I have always loved nature, but unfortunately not everyone respects it as it should. Luckily it seems that something is moving worldwide because the alarms are already sounding since we have certain evidence of the great damage that the human being is doing to the planet. But unfortunately the number of people who are not interested in the environment, including political and business interests, is still much greater …, that is why we were born @ Movimiento83, through which we always try to raise awareness of more people than our planet needs help, that we respect it, taking care of it, recycling, avoiding the consumption of unnecessary plastic, offering solutions and alternatives, spreading the word so that more and more people join this movement, because respecting and caring for the planet is common sense.

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