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Ambassador Interview: Juan Carlos Vicente – VeganTrail Running Runner-


“I have never considered myself to be a crack in anything, nor better than anyone, I have always said that I am a motivated lover, yes, I want to put it on.”

My name is Juan Carlos, I am a physical trainer, radio host and creator of online content. For 7 years I have been a vegan ultra-distance runner and mountaineer, I combine my passion for the mountain with my other great passion, my family, my wife and my almost 3-year-old son.

Today I have 12 ultras, 24 marathons, 2 Ironmans, and countless races on my legs, as well as some good positions this season:

Sant Mateu Xtrail 25k 10th General
Wintry Beret-Montgarri 5th General
Mont Rodon 13k 13th general 7th category
Catalonia SnowRunning Championship 8th overall 4th category
Spanish Snowshoe Championship 16th General
Ultra Trail Vall de Ribes 77k 12th General 1st Local
Vertical pel Morro 7k 7th general 5th category
Garmin Team Trail 200k
Marathon Mollieres 43k 9h
Esquella Pardines 2nd General
Anar fent Rural 3rd general 1st Category
La Rioja 6th Championship

As interesting challenges or races, I have for 2020: Utmb, Transgrancanaria 360 and Tor des Glaciers.

When and how and why did you start with this?
I started practicing resistance sports 8 years ago, after running my first asphalt race in Barcelona and ending very bad feelings, I decided that I should give a sport change to my life.

How many hours do you spend a week and how do you combine it with your family and / or work?
The hours of dedication are based on the competition you are preparing, but range between 15 and 25h. In order to be able to reconcile family life and sport, what I do is subtract hours of sleep or train when my child is in school.

Do you follow some feeding criteria, omnivorous, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, …? what do you think of all this? Do you rely on a sports nutrition professional?
I have been vegan for seven years and from that moment on, my sports performance improved.

How important is food for you? Do you follow some guidelines? How do you plan? Is there a difference between training time, before, during or after the tests?
Food is a basic pillar for sports performance, which I adapt according to the time of the season I am in.

As an athlete, do we understand you consume a% higher protein than a “sedentary” person, could we know your sources?
I get all the protein intake from vegetable sources, so far I have not consumed any type of protein shake because I have not found something to consider. But I am interested in finding other sources to help me where conventional food does not arrive.

What is your main criteria or criteria to choose one brand or another? Recommendation from a colleague? from a nutrition professional? your own criteria? Are the ingredients relevant to you, do you usually read the labels?
Mainly, that they are of plant origin, of the highest possible quality, easy assimilation pre / during / post race. Being vegan, reading labels is imperative for me.

Do you practice abroad, in nature? What does it give you? Do you prefer the gym?
Being a mountain runner, 80% of my workouts are outdoors and in my case, in high mountains.

Do you perceive a greater awareness for respecting the environment?
In fact, I don’t conceive life without respecting my surroundings.

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