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L-Theanine, the best Matcha secret


In a previous post we explained to you why the quality of matcha is important and the main differences between the different qualities. The difference, for example, between ceremonial and nutritional quality. To take it in its traditional form or in a latte, much better a ceremonial quality, but if you want to make recipes, you can find cheaper, lower quality matchas for your recipes.

Why does taking matcha give us energy and relax while removing stress at the same time?

Green tea contains L-theanine. It is an amino acid present in the plant world, especially in green tea and in some fungus. This was first isolated in 1950 from tea leaves in Japan.

It has been shown to have several benefits in the cognitive and immune fields.

For example, it is said to exert a stimulating power that helps relax physical and mental tension because it protects nerve cells in the brain from a state of arousal and toxicity and helps calm nerve networks.

With which, it is very suitable for moments or seasons of physical and / or mental stress.

It helps to improve concentration, for this reason matcha (with a high content of L Theanine) is commonly used in the meditation sessions of Buddhist monks.

Also some sports formulas include L-Theanine to promote attention and concentration during sports.

It has also been suggested that this amino acid helps the immune system by improving the production of immunoglobulins.

Despite the fact that L Theanine is marketed in food supplements with an indication to reduce anxiety, improve concentration and for its relaxing properties, we nonetheless believe that taking organic matcha in drink is a more natural way to benefit from the properties of L Theanine. .

It is also a time for you, to stop for a moment and prepare a delicious, nutritious drink (it is also very antioxidant!) That you can enjoy alone or with plant-based milk.

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