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Matcha: quality matters


There are several qualities of Matcha Tea and therefore prices. We could summarize them in two very general grades: Ceremonial and Culinary. The elaboration of Ceremonial grade is harder and artisanal.

In the elaboration of Ceremonial grade, Tea leaves are grown in the shade for approximately three weeks before harvest, which is why it has a lively green color. Later the best leaves are collected by hand and then boiled and dried briefly in the open air. Next, the stems and veins are separated and finally finely ground. The whole process is delicate and labor-intensive. The characteristics of the soil, the climate, and the experience of the farmer have much to do with the quality of the final product.

The Matcha Tea contains the whole leaf and it is consumed also whole, and with it, all its nutrients. This green tea powder has a high content of antioxidants, free radicals, minerals and trace elements that, among others, promote the well-being of cells by strengthening the immune system. It is also rich in Chlorophyll, why it is considered a great depurative when promoting the release of toxins. The combination of Teanine and L-theophylline, a compound of the family of caffeine not present in coffee, provides energy and a sense of well-being as well as promoting a state of relaxation improving concentration, since it stimulates the brain activity of alpha waves .

The criteria for making culinary grade are not so demanding: selection of leaves, separation of stems and other processes, so the color is not as vibrant, does not have the same natural sweetness and less nutritional properties. That is why it is usually consumed diluted in other liquids or in baking recipes.

Our Matcha Tea is Ceremonial grade, it comes from the Uji region. We also love it as a substitute for coffee. We prepare it by diluting it in water because it is how its properties are best appreciated. It is also delicious by adding it to vegetable milk.


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