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We love nature. We believe in conscious food habits and in a lifestyle in harmony with our environment. After dedicating several years to these principles, we decided to take our mission to the next level by creating Glorioso Super Nutrients.

Glorioso Super Nutrients offers you a selection of the best superfoods of our planet. Our products are extraordinary rich in nutrients, additive-free, certified as ecological, vegan and gluten-free.

We have selected the most nutritious foods that our Earth has to offer and deliver them directly to your home, trusting that they will spark your interest in healthy foods.

When we first discovered superfoods, we were fascinated that these fruits, roots, plants or seeds were traditionally used by the local cultures. A whole new world of nutritious and healing supplements opened up to us and they go hand in hand with a healthy and active life.

These amazing foods made us more conscious of what our body needs in different moments. Whether you want to detoxify, energize or boost your immune system there is always a superfood just perfect to help you. If you like to cook you will find it easy to combine them in all sorts of recipes. You will discover a whole range of possibilities.

We want to promote a healthy lifestyle and are happy to share our knowledge about these extremely healthy and nutritious superfoods with you.
We encourage you to discover the small but marvellous world of superfoods and find those that suit you best.


Our commitment

We strive to provide a high quality of superfoods.They are certified organic and free of pesticides, chemicals, and Genetically Modified Organisms. They are also vegan certified and gluten free.
We have a strong social commitment and we believe in fair trade that promotes a good development of local communities. This is why we select, whenever possible, providers who foster values important to us.

Why trust in Glorioso Super Nutrients?

  1. We ensure high quality products by continuously looking for reliable providers who respect the environment and the fair-trade.
  2. We are advised by a team of doctors and nutritionists who guarantee product quality.
  3. We select the most nutritious superfoods so that your body can enjoy their benefits.
  4. We blend superfoods to relieve day by day deficiencies and strengthen your body.

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