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News very soon (May 2019)!


We have worked to offer this May 2019 news that we hope will surprise you.

We already have a wide range of singles for the most faithful to the properties of each ingredient. We also have three blends.  Exclusive and very complete mixes to address a specific moment in which our body may need a natural complement.

  • Green Glory is a mix of 9 ingredients to help digestive comfort, eliminate toxins and take care of the liver.
  • Immune Glory is a natural vitamin C booster with 4 ingredients.
  • Glory Kids is a cocoa mix for the whole family. Ideal to mix with your favorite milk or with cereals, rolled oats. To take in the morning or at any time of day.

Our news have focused on improving some existing formulas and increasing the range.

We have incorporated into our Immune Glory two mushroom extracts  (Reishi and Agaricus Blazei) this ingredients, with vitamin C will create synergies and increase the properties to strengthen our immune system. The extracts are standardized to 30% polysaccharides, that is a guarantee of the content of this group of carbohydrates that are modulators of the immune system and act on inflammation.

We have also improved the Glory Kids formula by now offering a sweeter blend, with quality sugar, and at a more affordable price.

We also incorporated two new products with cocoa base, Power Cacao and Smart Cacao.
Power Cacao is a contribution of extra energy to face intense days and even physical exercise. The recommended dose includes 50mg of natural caffeine from an extract of Guarana seeds. It also contains maca and Ginseng.

Smart Cocoa wants to help improve cognitive beneits. Ideal for periods of study or work with intellectual requirement but also a good complement to take continuous. Contains extract of Lion’s Mane (30% polysaccharides), Ginseng and Gingko Biloba. Ingredients recognized for their benefits in psychological function and memory.

Finally we have to talk about our new range Glorioso Sport. Range composed at the moment for 5 products. Formulas with organic certificate, vegan and gluten and lactose free.

– Three products for each moment of physical activity: Before, during and after.
– Two vegan proteins, chocolate and vanilla flavor.

During the next days we will talk with more details of each of these novelties to raise your interest in trying them. For this we will offer exclusive offers, stay tuned!

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