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Sport Range presentation


Last 6th and 7th of June we were presenting our new Organic and Vegan sport range in Organic Food Iberia Madrid.

We are very excited about these new products which purpose is to be an option for athletes of all disciplines conscious to consume more natural and healthy options in the sport nutrition.

Below we detail about these innovative products in the organic sector.

Mix of 5 vegan proteins (Pea; Rice; Sunflower; Pumpkin and Quinoa) to provide a complete aminogram. We have incorporated an ingredient that makes a difference to this blend. It is a complex of digestive enzymes (Digezyme) that help to improve the assimilation of proteins. Flavors Chocolate and Vanilla.

Preparation for isotonic drink that meets the parameters of the FEMEDE in carbohydrates, electrolytes and osmolality. We have also incorporated natural vitamin C from the Camu Camu fruit to combat the oxidative stress that is generated during sports activity. Red Fruits flavor.

Formula for before the sport practice. High in simple and complex carbohydrates to increase the glycogen reserve. With guarana extract and ginseng to activate the body and increase concentration.

Formula for after the sport practice. Carbohydrates and protein in Ratio 3: 1 to improve glycogen synthesis. Replenishment of electrolytes and ingredients that calm muscle inflammation. We have also added a natural vitamin D complex to improve recovery and strengthen bones.

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