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Today we present yourselves a new partner called @victorialeeuw. She has a pretty IG profile full of healthy and delicious recipes.

In this recipe, we will use our organic baobab powder from Senegal. A delicious and nutritious way to do an amazing dessert.


1 bar (250 gram) creamed coconut

150 gram dessicated coconut

1 tablespoon baobab powder

Maple or agave syrup to desire and dark chocolate to dip.


Firstly you have to melt the bar of coconut cream, place the package in a bowl of hot water and let it become soft ( similar to coconut oil).

Once soft blend in your kitchen machine with the dessicated coconut, baobab powder and sweetener of choice.

Roll in to balls, place in the fridge to harden while you melt the chocolate au Bain Marie. Now you can dip your bounty balls in the chocolate and feast like we did!

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