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Recipe: Vegan Cheesecake high in Protein


A delicious dessert, creamy, healthy, rich in protein and suitable for all. Not only for vegans, gluten or lactose intolerant. Easy to prepare in a few minutes and no baking needed, just the freezer.

This recipe is divided in to three components: the base, the filling and the sauce. The main ingredient is cashews previously soaked for about 6-8 hours.


With the help of a food processor, crush all the ingredients until a somewhat homogeneous dough is obtained and place it on the base of a removable pan. To facilitate unmolding it is recommended to place baking paper lightly coated with coconut oil on the base.


With the help of a food processor, at maximum speed, crush all the ingredients until you get a creamy consistency. Pour it in to the mold on top of the base. Give some taps to level cream and eliminate possible bubbles. Place the pan in freezer for about 6-8 hours.

You can use this filling in countless other desserts: Tiramisu, Massini cake, glass desserts,…


At your choice, we cannot decide, we like them all. Remove dessert from the freezer and 15 minutes before serving, cover with the help of a spatula.

 Base Ingredients:

  • 170g Almonds.
  • 100g grated Coconut.
  • 10 Medjool dates.
  • ½ Coconut Oil Tablespoon.

Filling Ingredients :


·         As you like.








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