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RECIPE: Red berries marmalade


From central America, the seeds of Chia (salvia hispanica) are a glorious superfood due to their high concentration of nutrients: Omega 3, fatty acids that help to good cardiovascular, cognitive, joint, muscular and cholesterol control health; protein source with all the essential amino acids; high fiber content that helps intestinal transit and other nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and vitamins.


We will obtain a gel by adding water to Chia seeds, this is due to the hydrophilic properties of the soluble fiber that allows the seed to absorb more than ten times its weight in water. Consumed in this way we prolong the hydration of the organism and benefit the absorption of nutrients.

We can take advantage of the capacity of the Chia to give gelatinized texture to any liquid and prepare jams very easily. Crush the fruit (250g) with the help of heat causing it to let go of all its juice, add a splash of lemon juice that will help pectins detach from the fruit that will then contribute to a sweet spot, avoid oxidation and compensate for the lack acidity of some fruits, also some sweetener to taste and, finally, Chia seeds (30 g). Let stand a few hours and keep refrigerated. Logically, better results will be obtained with fruits with high water content.

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