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Recipe: High Protein Pancakes


Protein powder preparations allow, in addition to consuming them as a drink with water or plant-based milks; use them in many other preparations. We propose a fluffy vegan protein pancakes, perfect for breakfast, desserts or snacks.

We use banana as a substitute for the egg, often used in vegan pastry, apple compotecould also be used. Oat vegetable drink, although it can be substituted by any other vegetable drink, and rice and oat flour because it does not contain gluten. Finally Glorioso Vegan Protein Vanilla, which in addition to the protein content, provides a special vanilla sweet taste, so it is not necessary to add any sweetener. Our Vegan  Protein Vanilla contains Digezyme® a multienzyme complex (vegan) that helps the digestion of proteins for better assimilation.


1.      Rice flour (120g)

2.      Oatflour (120g)

3.      1  banana

4.      Oat vegetable drink (250 ml.)

5.      Glorioso Vegan Protein Vanilla, 70% protein (30g)

6.      Yeast gluten free(10g)

7.      ½ teaspoon of salt

8.      1 teaspoon cinnamon powder.

9.      1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil.


1.      In a bowl we mix all the dry ingredients (oat and rice flour,  Vegan protein vanilla, yeast, salt and cinnamon).  Use other recipient for mixing the liquids (Oat vegetable drink and Olive oil).

2.      Chop the banana and blend all the ingredients using a blender.

3.      In a pan, add a few drops of olive oil and heat. Little by little we add the pastry, turn when we see it lightly Brown.

4.      Serve it with fruit, chocolate, syrups, ice cream, … and enjoy.




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