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Tea time


Not all moments are good to take a hot cup of tea. Knowing when is the right time for it could improve our health and enhance its effects

Tea contains tannin, a substance known for being a great astringent but also for its quality to inhibit iron absorption. It is therefore advisable to not drink tea right after or before eating, since the iron contained in those foods would disappear after being in contact with the tannins in the tea. This is especially important for those who suffer iron deficiency anaemia.

Tannins are also found in coffee, cocoa or bananas. So with these foods we will always be conscious to take them between meals. The right moment would be ideally two hours before or after a meal.

In the other hand, people suffering from hemochromatosis, a congenital disease that causes excess of iron in blood, are advised to take a cup of tea right after meals.

Herbal teas do not contain tannins. We can drink it right after eating.

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