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Superfoods: treasures of nature


In remote locations, spread across the world, we can find little treasures that can transform our health. They are gifts of nature. They are plenty of beneficial properties for our body. They are called superfoods. We call them supernutrients.

How many times have you heard people say: Tangerines no longer taste like tangerine. Too many chemicals, pesticides and mass production that are causing major food deficiencies. We are missing nutrients! In addition we have diets full of animal fat, preservatives, refined sugars, transgenic and toxicity that causes a weak immune system, malnourished bodies and early cellular aging.

But did you know that nature has given us some foods with some very high concentrations of nutrients? They are organic and are full of purity. They are a natural storehouse of life, full of minerals, vitamins, proteins … and many other healthy substances. They are ancient treasures. Its benefits have been known for decades, centuries. Some belong to the first cultivated plants in the world. Workers of the Egyptian pyramids, warriors of ancient Greece. Many cultures like the Romans or the Babylonians were using these foods because of their medicinal properties. The Inca Empire, or the Mayans also cultivated and harnessed them because of their immense properties. They are known as superfoods. They are super healthy nutrients.

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