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The antinutrients: Best kept secret


Some natural foods contain anti-nutrients. They are substances that inhibit optimal absorption of certain nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals or enzymes and may even become toxic for our bodies. Therefore it will be really important that we always try to eliminate them. We can find them in legumes, grains, seeds, nuts and some vegetables.

The anti-nutrients have a very clear and understandable function: They prevent early sprouting of those aliments to then avoid food from being devour massively by predators. It is their way of protecting themselves.

Therefore, if we want to consume this kind of aliments, by the way, full of healthy and rich nutrients, we must first activate them to remove the anti-nutrients. It will be like trick the food to awaken. The habitat, in which this transformation occurs, is water.

That way we will have three possibilities:
SOAK (6-8 hours) – Highly recommended for legumes, nuts and seeds
BOIL – cereal and vegetables (such best steamed only)

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